Overview of the Google AdWords Keyword API

A Keyword API is a system used by Google AdWords advertisers to access Google’s index of keyword phrases. This helps the ad campaign has become more targeted and effective. The term “API” stands for “application program interface”. This means that when you sign up for an AdWords account, you get assigned a unique code, which is associated with your AdWords account. This link translates into a link which points the user to a page in Google where they can find all the information they need to start their ad campaign.

To use the Google Keyword API, it is required to have a website and a hosting package that support PHP. Pricing for this service begins at $75 per month. To create keyword data, the use of one of the many tools provided by Google AdWords is required. You will then be able to view your keyword data and statistics at any time from anywhere. The Google Keyword API provides a control panel which lets you change various options such as the minimum search volume, the number of ads to show, how to split your ads across multiple keywords and how to make them local.

The key goal of the Google keyword api is to provide web publishers with relevant, automated, real-time keyword data. For publishers this will allow them to manage and track the keywords that are contributing to their site’s traffic accurately and efficiently. Publishers can use the data provided by the Google Keyword API to generate accurate and current CPC offers. This will allow them to increase their traffic and conversions and earn more money from AdWords.

There are three main parts to the Google Keyword API: Search volume, Search terms and Ads. Keyword suggestions are made by using an ad matching tool. Publishers are able to choose between different keyword lists such as latest searches, best converting keywords, ad groups, niche and ad formats. All of these options are controlled by the View Apis option in the google application settings.

Apart from the detailed description above, the Google Keyword API also allows the developer to look at various information about keyword research tools. Among these, the advanced option allows the developer to get unlimited keyword data in one place. It provides an overview of the keyword research tools that have been integrated into Google. In particular, this includes information about the number of searches performed, the total number of searches, ad groups, ad formats and other related information. The search volume option in the View Apis lets you see only the search volume over a specific period (a day, a week or a month) and over a larger number of search terms. You can even drill down into individual keywords for more detailed information.

Some additional information available from the View Api doc is how to control the campaigns. It shows the total number of clicks and the average CPC per click. If you want to know which ad format is performing best, the View Apis option in the Google tool Settings allows you to drill down further. One thing that the View API doc does not give you is any indication of how much traffic your ads are actually drawing.