LeaseWeb Server And Then Terminated Without Any Legal Reason

A number of Leaseweb customers have reported that their Leaseweb servers are being suspended and then terminated without any legal reason or justifiable reason. Apparently, you have to ask to terminate your account to Leaseweb and in the case of refusing, Leaseweb will suspend your server for up to 30 days. That’s why all Leaseweb customers who refuse to wait for a server restart to restore the data are asking their Leaseweb support departments to stop taking their money.

Are you happy with Leaseweb support? What about your site? If you answer yes to these questions, the chances are that you might want to find another dedicated hosting service provider. Some of Leaseweb’s dedicated servers are being terminated for not having their anti-virus software running leaseweb review.

Is this against any laws? Are your customers happy with your customer support department? If you answer yes to these questions, the chances are that you might want to reconsider your decision of choosing Leaseweb. It seems that they don’t respect the rights of their customers.

With the introduction of the new Leaseweb “Vantage” dedicated servers, customers have found that it was the only dedicated server provider with an anti-virus monitoring system to guarantee their data safety and provide 24 hours technical support. If you are considering such a server, make sure that it is one of these.

It is not just computer viruses that Leaseweb doesn’t take care of. It doesn’t take the responsibility of client security. I personally know the problems that they caused for clients. But I can’t get the chance to speak to one of them.

I am thinking about a new site I have to build, but you don’t have the time to support me, it seems that I should consult someone else. So where can I go?

First I searched for a dedicated hosting provider that doesn’t take the responsibility of securing client data and server safety. And that has only two dedicated servers. It was not hard to find a provider to satisfy me that they don’t care about it. There is no Leaseweb dedicated server provider with that guarantee.

In other words, the server administrator is responsible for this, but if we take a look at those critical parts of the server, we can see that it is not enough. I can’t guarantee the security of the server, which means that I can’t guarantee that I will not lose my important data.

It is not only Leaseweb. There are other large and growing web hosting providers who seem to take the responsibility for the server security, but who do not take care about the data security. The least we can do is get the complete support that we expect from a good and reliable hosting provider.

You must first request the support of the website hosting provider and ask them if they are going to take care of the server itself. If you get an answer that you are on your own, you must ask to terminate your account immediately.

It doesn’t matter whether the site you have built is a small and simple site or a huge and highly-trafficked site. No matter what your website is, it needs a dedicated hosting service provider that takes care of it.