How Voicify Creates New Business Opportunities

Voicify allows brands to rapidly deploy voice apps experiences across multiple employees, customers and locations. Branding Teams can easily manage voice experiences in real-time, reducing cycle times and expanding customer reach. Real-time application deployment reduces operational costs while enabling optimal productivity and increased profits. This technology empowers your salespeople to deliver their messages wherever they are in the shortest period of time-from anywhere they have internet access. They can connect from any PC on the premises or via Voicemail to the corporate server to make new sales calls.

Voicify is a cloud-based enterprise voice solution, which delivers superior business value for a premium price. The software automates the sales process, dramatically improving conversion rates and reducing the amount of time spent contacting potential customers. The software works with existing customer data to make it simple for sales reps to manage leads, follow up and close more sales. The end-to-end voice experience is designed to help brands leverage all available marketing tools in one place while saving money and providing a high level of efficiency.

Salespeople are empowered to make more sales quickly by managing multiple calls in real-time. The scalable web-based application automatically submits responses to customer questions. The advanced call statistics and reporting let sales reps see who is opening new accounts and why. It also provides information about past and current market segments, helping marketers to pinpoint areas of strength and identify opportunities for growth.

Voicify has a set of industry-leading features, including automated call distribution, a powerful questionnaire builder, and integrated lead management. The application also allows the capture of customer data to be shared with salespeople at any stage of the interaction. These advanced functions make it easier than ever before to monitor and track the progress of each voice call. This information can be combined with sales and customer information to improve customer relations and increase conversion rates.

Voicify is an internet-based service that gives your telemarketers access to the full power of a VoIP system. You will never have to worry about reaching the audience you want through traditional advertising methods. With Voicify, you can easily create custom voice prompts that will trigger specific ads and capture information from each call. The system also offers rich media support, such as graphics, animation, video, and PDFs so you can design custom ads that accurately reflect your brand. Custom voice prompts are not limited to ad campaigns but can be used in conjunction with other internet marketing applications, such as email campaigns, SMS marketing, and mobile text marketing.

Voicify offers a robust set of features to enhance the experience of your customers. The application works on a subscription model, which means businesses only pay for the minutes they use. They do not pay for the actual connection itself, saving money on long-term data plans and maintenance fees. Voicify also integrates with Google Analytics to provide a comprehensive view of your campaigns, helping you to plan new strategies and measure performance.