How to Get Free Keyword Searches Volume Data From Google

Google Keyword Searches Volume API gives you the ability to see how many searches occur on a particular keyword. For example, when I search for “my car”, in Google I get many different search results. The number of results varies depending on the competition level for that search. Google Keyword Searches Volume API is used to determine these factors.

Google Keyword Searches Volume API is a free tool that gives all the information you need about how many searches occur for a specific keyword. I use this whenever I want to know. This helps me improve my SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and save time. Google Keyword Searches Volume API is designed to give the exact statistics about the keywords you are trying to rank for. It gives you the number of unique visitors, the number of page views, and also mentions that countries or regions that your keywords are reaching.

Google Keyword Searches Volume API also lets you specify a date range. When I use this feature I can check how many new records have been recorded during the past week. I have a date-selection option so that I am able to check for changes over the past week. The last parameter is the maximum number of searches allowed.

This is a free service but worth using if you are serious about competitive keyword analysis. Google gives you the option of creating your own customized so that the search volume data you are gathering will be custom fit to your needs. You can use the Google Suggestion Tool to generate keyword suggestions based on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include competition level, average position, highest searched for date and many more. You will also find the Ubersuggestion Tool particularly useful for new campaigns.

To use Ubersuggestion you must have an account with Google, and you must provide the URL of the page on which you want to generate the free keyword search volume data. Next, you click the “Create” button. After a few minutes you will get a request for the raw data. You can then access the raw data and use it to create your own keywords in accordance to your requirements.

Currently Google does not offer any keyword tool of their own. Therefore, if you really want to generate some truly competitive keywords, I suggest you consider purchasing one. In my opinion the best keyword tools are those that integrate with Google’s other products such as AdWords and the Google Webmaster Tools. These products not only integrate with the google keyword search volume api to help you determine competitive keywords for your site, but they also help you generate keyword suggestions as well as many other functionality related to optimizing your website.