How to Create a ChatBot For Shopify

How To Create A Chatbot For Your Site – Use this tutorial to create a bot for your site. Learn how to use the tools, and how to troubleshoot some of the common problems. Click Here to see a demo of a complete bot. Create Bot: Click here to see how to create a chatbot using this tutorial. Try entering the names of the chat friends in the text box.

Building The Bot: Click here to see the first part of how to create a chatbot. In the bot, creation section click on the button named Building ChatBots. Here you have to enter the names of the chatbots to be created and click on the Save tab. This will close the “Building Chat Bots” window. The next step is to click on the button named Test Bot and a test bot will be generated for you in minutes.

Using The Bot: After building the bot, you are now ready to actually use it. On the user search box, type the name of the person whose number you are looking for in the chatbots section. For example, if the person you are looking for is John Smith you can search for John Smith in the chatbots section. When the search is done, an image of the person will be shown. You can select the image and click on the “activate” button. This will make your bot turn into a fully functional human being, who will be available for interaction with you.

Let us see some practical tips on how to use your newly build chatbot in the field of business. The first step is to make sure that your chat robot is switched on and listening to the commands given by you. To do this, open the chat bot’s section and click on the tab named “Activate”. Then your bot will be turned into a fully functional human being ready to take on the world.

The second step is to let your chatbot greet the visitor by saying his or her name. Say hello to the visitor by typing his or her name in the text box and clicking on “GO” to activate the bot. A picture of the smiling face of the visitor will be generated and displayed on the right side of the chatbot interface. You can follow this by saying “Good Morning” and “Good afternoon” and the bot will reply to you with a virtual greeting and a message confirming that he or she is at your site.

Let us move ahead to the third and last step on how to create a chatbot: the code snippet. You will type the code snippet in the input field of the “activate” tab in the bot settings. An icon on the top right corner of the screen will popup reading “TIDI Live Chat Bot”, click on it to turn it on. Finally, a green light will be emitted and your chatbot will start working. Your customer will have to say “Good Morning” or “Good afternoon” every time he or she visits your Shopify store to activate the live chat functionality of your conversational assistant.